Workplace Operations Platform

Put the power of improvement in the hands of every team member with SafetyCulture. So anyone can understand what’s working, what’s not, and what to do about it. All from one platform.

The workplace operations platform trusted by 75,000+ teams to work safely, meet higher standards and improve every day.

Increase productivity

with digitized processes, simple data capture, and real-time collaboration.

Drive engagement

by giving teams a voice and  the knowledge, tools, and confidence to succeed in their role.

Gain visibility

across your operations to discover new improvement opportunities and drive change.

Achieve high standards

by implementing best practices, training, and communications that scale with your needs.

Inspections, audits, checklists

Streamline operations by eliminating paper processes

Ensure things are done right the first time, every time with simple checklists your teams can complete on any device.

Tasks and Actions

Get the job done with seamless task management

Whether a team member spots something that needs fixing during an inspection, or while on the go, it’s easy to create and assign tasks to hold the right people accountable.


Improve uptime with total asset visibility

Gain unique visibility over critical operational equipment so you can improve your asset management and operations in one place.

Training and upskilling

Onboard, train, and upskill teams seamlessly

Deliver bite-sized training that fits into the flow of your team’s work. No matter the device or location.

Issue and incident reporting

Make under-reporting a thing of the past

Change your reporting culture by making it easy for anyone to report observations, hazards, near misses, and incidents right from the app or via QR code.

Heads Up Communications

Workplace communications fit for the frontline

Don’t waste time with disparate messages across email, text, and WhatsApp. Close the communication gap with a message system frontline teams love to use.

Sensors & IoT

Protect your assets and people with real-time environmental monitoring

Keep a pulse on critical environmental factors to avoid stock loss, keep teams safe, and avoid downtime.


Act on insights to drive your business forward

Through our business operations platform, you can spot key trends and gain insight into productivity, compliance, and accuracy so that you can drive change and improve every day.


Connect your teams’ favorite tools

Craft powerful workflows and connections between the SafetyCulture digital operations platform and the other systems you use to manage and run your business.

Exclusive to Australia & US

One-stop shop for workplace safety equipment

Simplify procurement by giving your teams the ability to order what they need when they need it most.

Great System for Managing Compliance

“I have been managing Health and Safety at many companies for over 20 years. This app takes all the need for completing paper checks, audits, inspections and also the easy action management. Saves me a lot of time and also my memory is now 100% as it’s stored in the app.”

By Pete C13 | United Kingdom

What a great tool.

“Follow up and heads up is great. Reports are professional Couldn’t ask for better. Will purchase premium”

By dcconole | New Zealand

100% recommend

“This is an application that I recommend 100% as a super valuable tool for designing all types of control forms in organizations. For many years it has been very useful to me in the positions I hold, as it has allowed me to organize the work of my team and even do the tasks I perform in a more practical way.”

By Alonso Heredia

*All reviews are from the App Store

Start your improvement movement

  • Go paperless
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce incidents
  • Accelerate onboarding
  • Mitigate risks
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Frequently asked questions

An operations management software is a digital tool or platform designed to streamline and optimize various aspects of an organization’s operations. It typically includes features such as process automation, workflow management, data analytics, and reporting capabilities to help businesses efficiently manage resources, tasks, and activities across different departments or functions. These software solutions are used to improve productivity, reduce costs, enhance quality, and ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

SafetyCulture as an operations management software helps organizations improve by streamlining processes through digitized forms and automated workflows, enhancing compliance with safety regulations and internal policies, providing real-time monitoring for proactive decision-making, facilitating risk management through regular inspections and audits, centralizing data for easy access and analysis, fostering employee engagement by involving frontline workers in safety processes, and enabling continuous improvement through data analytics and insights. The use of operations management software such as SafetyCulture can help organizations create safer workplaces, reduce operational inefficiencies, and improve overall performance.

Using operations management software for workplace operations can increase efficiency through automation and streamlined workflows, improve communication and collaboration among team members, enhance visibility for better decision-making, reduce costs through optimized processes, and improve customer satisfaction through faster delivery of products or services. Operations management software helps ensure compliance with regulations, manage risks effectively, and provides scalability and adaptability to support organizational growth. The use of operations management software boosts productivity and efficiency, so it’s a win-win for organizations.

SafetyCulture delivers world-leading security and compliance, ensuring your organization and customer information is always protected. Adhering to privacy and regulatory standards is effortlessly achieved through enterprise-level data protection measures. With a 99.9% uptime service level agreement (SLA), an annual SOC 2 Type 2 audit, hosting on an ISO27001 certified platform,multi-region data centers, SAML v2 single sign-on (SSO), and GDPR compliance SafetyCulture ensures robust security protocols.

All our plans have 24/5 support and include:

  • Email support: You can contact our support team via email to get help with their account or any other issues you might be having.
  • In-app support: You can access the support center directly within the app
  • Phone support: You can also call support to get help with your account or other issues you might be experiencing.
  • Live chat: We also have a Live chat support option
  • Online help center: We also have online documentation and tutorials, which can help you learn how to use the software and troubleshoot common problems.

Enterprise packages offer more options like a dedicated customer success manager, personalized onboarding and training, prioritized customer support, customization and integrations.