Risk Management & Compliance

With a proactive risk-based approach, organizations can identify, assess, mitigate, and monitor risks of any type while keeping compliant.

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Gain a holistic view of risk

Make better strategic, ethical, and responsible decisions with a holistic view of your compliance, health and safety, and operational risk. Use data from risk assessments, incident reports, and asset history to quickly identify and address potential risks and hazards before they become a problem.

Foster a culture of risk awareness

Create a workplace environment where teams are comfortable reporting safety concerns and addressing potential risks. Schedule routine inspections to identify potential risks, assign preventive and corrective actions to minimize negative impact, and generate real-time reports to keep everyone in the business informed.

Ensure compliance with any regulation

Implement best practice frameworks and control measures to comply with any standard or regulation that work for your team no matter their role. Compliance regulation changed? No down time required! Update templates and inspection processes in a few clicks, with changes rolling out to your entire organization instantly.

Boost operational efficiency

Track key risk indicators to anticipate potential risks and address them proactively to reduce errors, disruptions, and downtime. By streamlining workflows and your entire nonconformance lifecycle, you can mimimize inefficiencies and drive productivity across your operation.

All your risk and compliance management needs in one place

Incidents & Events

Hazards & Risks

Root Cause Analysis

Audits & Inspections

Risk Indicators

Master Risk Register

Risk Assessments

Critical Controls

Toolbox Talks

Regulatory Compliance

Asset Management

Preventive Maintenance

Safety Inductions

Critical Controls

Internal Audit

Corrective Actions

SafetyCulture is the platform of choice

Streamline operations

Standardize, simplify and automate risk management and compliance practices in one platform to work safely, meet legal and industry standards, and improve every day.

Anticipate & identify risks

Identify areas of improvement by conducting frequent digital risks assessments. Monitor and track identified risks so you can take corrective and preventive measures and safeguard your business.

Keep everyone informed and aligned

Alert teams about changes or updates on new and existing risks with video communications or training courses that teams can complete on the job.

Get unparalleled support from trusted advisors

Get up and running fast with dedicated onboarding support to meet your unique business needs. Our team of experts will help you navigate your complex challenges and enhance operational efficiency with ongoing success support.

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“SafetyCulture platform helps make compliance easy for everyone. It’s at the heart of our continual commitment to a workplace where every employee goes home safe” 

Andy Himsworth
SHEQ Advisor and Trainer, Mobile Mini UK
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Frequently Asked Questions

The key benefits of risk management and compliance for businesses include mitigating financial loss, protecting reputation, improving decision-making, enhancing business resilience, avoiding operational downtime, elevating employee confidence, and gaining a competitive advantage. All contributing to the business’ overall stability, growth, and success.

Compliance focuses on adhering to specific rules and regulations, ensuring legal conformity, and upholding ethical standards. Risk management, on the other hand, involves identifying and addressing potential risks that could affect the organization’s overall objectives and success.

Yes, there are several international standards and frameworks for risk management and compliance. For example, ISO 31000 provides guidelines for risk management, and ISO 19600 offers guidance on compliance management systems. Additionally, industry-specific frameworks may exist for certain sectors.

Risk management and compliance can foster a supportive environment for innovation. By identifying and understanding risks, organizations can take calculated risks in pursuit of innovative initiatives. Moreover, compliance standards can provide a framework for responsible innovation, ensuring that new ideas align with legal and ethical boundaries.

Yes, various technologies and software solutions are available to automate risk management and compliance processes. Automation can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in handling risks and regulatory requirements.