Move from reactive to proactive lone worker safety

Stay connected to remote teams with SHEQSY by SafetyCulture, a lone worker safety solution that protects workers in real-time so they never have to feel alone.

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Get your mobile workforce home safely

Whether your teams are healthcare workers providing home visits, surveyors completing site inspections or utility workers operating in dangerous or remote areas, SHEQSY makes it easy to safeguard your teams in real-time, no matter their environment.

Stay connected to your team and be there when it counts

SHEQSY is your companion on the ground, feeding critical information into one dynamic dashboard that makes it easy to manage and report on lone worker activities.

Customize automated notification workflows and have confidence that alerts will be sent to the right team leaders every time.

Give teams a simple tool they can trust

Our app was built to be easy for the frontline with intuitive ways to activate a duress alarm, confirm check-ins, or notify leaders when a job doesn’t go to plan.

With SHEQSY, location visibility is always employee-activated, protecting their personal privacy.

Built for and trusted by lone workers and leaders around the world

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Stay compliant with demanding health and safety regulations

Feel confident you have a proactive safety solution in place complete with a digital audit trail.

Integrate with your tools

Simplify workflows or enhance reporting capabilities by connecting to existing platforms, including employee calendars, and data visualization tools like Power BI.

Since using SHEQSY, employees report that they feel much more secure knowing that they have SHEQSY monitoring their sessions. As a manager, I find it much easier to track the safety of my employees when working in the community.

Jeremy B
Community Rehab Manager, Epworth Healthcare

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